Altaroma and Lazio Innova have signed a collaboration agreement with the common intention of working together to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of young professionals and designers within the world of fashion, promoting the meeting between them and companies in the sector, in order to promote opportunities for innovation within the local production fabric.

As part of the agreement signed, Lazio Innova through Space A has intended to support companies and designers in the fashion industry by making available two interventions:

  • “Startup Fashion Academy”, aimed at young graduates and undergraduates of the Fashion and Design ACADEMIES of Lazio, in order to support the development of solutions and products, with market potential, concerning the theme of design in fashion.
  • “Business School for Designers” aimed at designers already on the market, with the aim of stimulating competitive growth and consolidate or revise their presence in international markets.


Alessia Firrincieli
Accademia Italiana

New decorating technologies: digital printing

The dress inspired by the colours of nature, allowing the wearer and blend in with it, just as certain species of butterflies blend in with their surroundings. Designed using digital “all over” printing techniques in duchess satin.

Accademia Italiana, Roma – Italy

I come from a culture where embroidery is very important, naturally it became a part of me. My designs represent a fusion between two traditions. I create for practical and openminded individuals who want to express their own style through authentic cultural diversity. 

The dress I choose to portray explains who I am as a designer – free, detailed and ephemeral. It’s an elegant evening dress-jacket with elaborate hand and laser cut embroideries. The embroidery symbolises a blend of Bengali folk art in European aesthetics. 

Aurora De Silli

Academy of Fine Arts of Rome 

I am Aurora De Silli a young designer who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. My creative imagination comes from my personal anachronistic vision of things, which often takes me to the place where remote places and times meet. 

The peculiarity of this dress is in its lining: with modern laser engravers I made stamps on wood used to printing and through a manual action I created a fabric’s design. The lessons of craftsmanship coexist with the modernity of new technologies. 

Bianca Ferri Marini

My name is Bianca Ferri Marini, and I am a Sustainable Fashion designer. I graduated from a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design in June 2019 at Accademia Italiana Arte, Moda e Design of Rome with a mark of 110/110 magna cum laude, 3.6 GPA.

I am a freelance sustainable designer and everyday nature inspires me. In my collections I like to show my interpretation of nature, but I also use fashion as artistic denunciation. I focus on ethical fashion and concepts like sustainability, recycle and innovation. 

 The outfit here presented is made of a rigid 3D printed top made of PLA (biodegradable material), a flowy pant skirt and PLA bracialets with led light tentacles. The ethic design takes inspiration from movements of the sea, textures and patterns are connected with fishing nets and corals’ silouhettes. 

Davide Bottoni

Accademia di Belle Arti di Frosinone 

I’m Davide, I’m 22 years old. I study Fashion Design. 

In addition to my passion for fashion, I love photography. 

In 2019 I created my brand “Misunderstood” and opened an instagram profile that I use as a showcase and archive for my projects. 

Relationship between functionality and aesthetics is the basis of this garment. 

A garment tied to the body has an aesthetic function, containment and transport. 

The inspiration was born taking the military world as a reference. It presents the textile of a topographic map. 

Camilla Riccobono

Accademia d’alta moda e costume KOEFIA 

I am attracted by everything that is art, and fashion is the way to express my concept of art, my vision and perception of the world. I see a dress as a work of art rather than a object which makes fashion.I think that interaction between fashion and innovation can lead to great things. 

The garment is a denim dress that can color under the sunlight. I painted sunflowers over the dress using a compound of photochromic pigments, a powder that changes color when exposed to UV rays.The dress is white in the absence of light, and blue under the sunlight. 

Cristian Rocco Rizzo

IED Istituto Europeo di Design 

Cristian Rocco Rizzo, 23, graduated in fashion design from the IED. 

I have always supported the issue of sustainability, however, combining it with crucial aspects: the social aspect, the environmental aspect and finally the aesthetic aspect. 

The alcantara covers the tufted cushions and the lapel, approaching the duvet’s Dolmias. 

A reversible shirt resembles a blanket lying on the sofa. 

A catsuit with a placed print and 3D printed elements completes the look. 

Domitilla Damiani

Academy of Fine Art of Rome 

Was born in Rome in ‘97. She gratuated as Fashion Designer at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome in 2020. She partecipated in Altaroma 2019 and 2021, winning the contests organized by the Academy. She currently finishing an internship at Serien°merica in Turin.

The prototype is part of a capsule collection of shoppers. It i san experiment on bioplastic. The trasparency of the material becomes the metaphor of inner trasparency, showing oneself as one is in a precise moment 

Elena Presutti

Maiani Accademia Moda 

After Architecture studies, she reached out the qualification as pattern maker, strongly inspired by desire to deepen design aspects on a different scale. She took part in Altaroma 2019 (MAM fashion show “Tied to life”) and in Didacta Italia Fair. 

The kimono today shown represents one of the possible combination from the capsule collection Tri-mono, providing the item personalising through the choice of lenght, type of sleeve and belt, created with fabrics selected for their ethic, social and environmental sustainability. 

Francesca Nunzi

Accademia Moda Maiani 

Young roman fashion designer of 26 years old, graduated as a fashion designer in 2020. Starting as an amateur seamstress, with her studies she found her style and tastes in fashion, in particular in the design and creation of unique garments. 

Bra in faux leather with overlapping and asymmetrical interweaving solutions. A-line skirt with veil on the left. To complete, a faux leather overcoat with a small cape on the right shoulder, following the game of asymmetries. 

Davide Giordano

Academy of Fine Arts Rome 

25 years old, graduated in “Fashion Design” at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. My work is usually about crossing the line between feminine and masculine with an intentionally d’antan taste. I would like to define my aesthetic taste as “gerontophile” and myself as a memories collector.

Women canvas tailleur for men with an all-over prints inspired by the actress Franca Valeri. The print is made by hand with stamps that are costume made with a laser cutter. Transforming the stamp in an antique and modern object. 

Letizia Cocciantelli

Accademia del Lusso – Roma 

Student of art and fashion design, I design clothes using 100% pure fabrics (cotton, linen, cork), dyed with natural materials (eco dyeing) in order to promote a sustainable fashion. 

100% cotton trench coat, dyed using seasonal plants and flowers (eucalyptus, marigold, logwood bark etc..). The coat is closed with bio-plastic buttons that I have made with gelatin and flowers. 

Rita Guardabascio 

Academy of Fine Arts in Rome 

Born in Formia in 1997, in 2020 she graduated in Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She is continuing her training as a costume designer, looking at cinema, art and the history of costume as privileged sources of her research. 

The rigid clutch in black nappa leather declines in Deco style the shape of the fan. The white plexiglass half-moon is embellished with a carving on leather, with embossed details, that recreates a naturalistic design of Middle Eastern inspiration. 

Eleonora Valentini

Maiani Accademia Moda 

I started fashion studies in response to my need for a dynamic and stimulating life. I’m appassionate about every single form of expression from which i draw inspiration for my creations. Fundamental for me is attention for green, main element of my design.

Reuse and imperfection are the leitmotiv of this outfit, that is included in a capsule, formed by a men’s pinstripe jacket reworked to become a cocktail dress adorned with a a corset and wristband created by a covering fabric of an old armchair