Lazio Innova - Altaroma Digital Runway

Altaroma and Lazio Innova have signed a collaboration agreement with the common intention of working together to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of young professionals and designers within the world of fashion, promoting the meeting between them and companies in the sector, in order to promote opportunities for innovation within the local production fabric.

As part of the agreement signed, Lazio Innova through Space A has intended to support companies and designers in the fashion industry by making available two interventions:

  • “Startup Fashion Academy”, aimed at young graduates and undergraduates of the Fashion and Design ACADEMIES of Lazio, in order to support the development of solutions and products, with market potential, concerning the theme of design in fashion.
  • “Business School for Designers” aimed at designers already on the market, with the aim of stimulating competitive growth and consolidate or revise their presence in international markets.



Fashion has always had a binding relationship with the body. However, in the future this relationship will not be a limitation, but designers will work on modifying the concepts of form and volume.

Through infinite operations of subtraction and addition of volumes, which are independent of the form of the garment, abstract forms can be obtained, which only become tangible once they are worn.

The garment will be able to invent new bodily attitudes, which will have such a powerful effect that the body wearing it will be modified.

Geometrical shapes, volumes, asymmetries or symmetries, proportions or disproportions will be represented with bright colours, because there is no colour that cannot be worn and their aggressive and unusual combination will enhance geometry and superimpositions.

My products enhance a self-confident, strong woman who wants to dare and is not afraid of the judgement of others. They emphasize the shapes of the body creating a very assertive look.


Removal was created with the aim of creating clothes that can change over time. Asja Bertini, creator and designer from Rome, uses modular pattern-making, a technique that makes it possible to deconstruct and reconstruct an entire garment. In fact, the brand is based on the idea that it is the person who gives character to a garment. For this reason, the items are fully customizable. In fact, thanks to modular pattern-making, you can combine the various modules at will, giving free rein to your creativity, and express your personality through what you wear. Moreover, the brand gives you the possibility of sending an old or damaged garment to be modified and used for the making of a module, so that each garment can be a unique piece.


I am Chiara Battelli and I attended the Maiani Fashion Academy.

With the Baobas brand, my goal is to combine my two great passions, fashion and art, to create an open and inclusive style, free from labels and standards, for everyone.


Emiliano Marinelli, 22 years old, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Haute Couture at the Accademia Costume e Moda. Through his creativity, the designer wants to communicate some aspects and some problems that characterize contemporary society. In fact, his work stems from a reflection on the social changes that have occurred during contemporary times, and pays particular attention to the issue of the fall of sentimentalism in the Z generation. These thoughts are reflected in the making of the collection entitled “In un Mondo che non ci vuole più” (In a world that does not want us anymore).


Materia is a project about experimentation and expression, originating in textile creation, which is aimed at creating unique, partly biodegradable garments from raw wool and silk fibres.

It is a project about generation and regeneration, in which memory stratifies matter by incorporating one layer after another – sensations, anxieties and decisions, like the flow of one’s own self over time.


The brand A New Life Project aims to reconcile respect for nature with a concept of avant-garde and unique clothing. The products give a second life and a new design to old garments by using a recycled fabric made of newspaper, magazines or flyers which, through a process using natural latex, is made waterproof and suitable to be sewn.


Maria Mirt is the creator of the eponymous brand “Creazioni di Maria Mirt”. The brand focuses on a collection of vintage clothes which are given new life through inserts or crochets, customizable and made with sustainable materials. The garments are intended for female customers aged 25 to 50 years, with a strong sensitivity to environmental and social sustainability issues, who share the desire to express their ideas through clothing.


The BE WILD BE GREEN collection fully represents its creator, Ilenia Spiriti, a young designer who describes herself as a very meticulous and energetic person with a wild spirit. The collection combines soft lines with fabrics such as muslin or jersey with more structured lines such as faux leather or faux fur. The colors in the background are inspired by a safari in the jungle. Red earth and sandy colors are combined with leopard, zebra and python patterns. The aim is to raise awareness for the animal world through the lines and patterns of the outfits. For this reason, the materials used are sustainable and environmentally friendly and the proceeds of their sale will be donated to the long-distance adoption of animals through WWF.


“MDV” is a brand that takes inspiration from Asia. It originates from the strength not to follow the trends, but to go your own way regardless of the rest. Marta De Vivo, 23 years old, graduated in fashion design from MAM – Maiani Accademia Moda. She is the designer and founder of the brand. Through her work, she wants to send a message related to the strength of will and positive change that anyone can achieve by performing great feats. The brand is targeted to young people who want to feel good about themselves and to escape from stereotypes imposed by society, who love novelty, and who are willing to open their minds to other cultures and styles.


Marta Macaluso was born in Sicily in 1999. Thanks to her paternal grandmother, she came into contact with the world of craftsmanship, embroidery and fashion from an early age and fell in love with it. After completing high school, she moved to Rome, where she attended a three-year Fashion Design course at the Accademia Italiana.

The love for her land, traditions and history are the key features of her brand: “Paràdosis” (from the Greek παράδοσις = tradition, bequeathing, handing over).

The basic concept is to “recover” the past and the ancient traditions that define us as human beings, but also discarded fabrics, materials and garments to promote a circular economy and minimize waste. Each piece is handcrafted and tells a story, with the client having the opportunity to become part of it.


VDC, “Vestiti Di Cronaca”, is an ethical brand that provides its customers with a QR code that allows them to make an informed purchase. Considering that the fashion market is one of the most polluting, with VDC you can choose a really sustainable product. All you need is a smartphone. Through the data provided by the brand, you can find out about social and environmental sustainability before you buy something. Change is truly in everyone’s pocket.


From Cambodia to Italy since 2005: Valeria D’Addosio’s passion for fashion and design are the common thread that has guided her studies. During her studies at the Accademia Altieri in Rome, she worked for the Rome Fashion Week organized by Altaroma and as a dresser for various fashion shows. This year she was chosen to take part in the Startup Fashion Academy project, promoted by Altaroma and Lazio Innova, which will end with an exhibition during the February 2022 Fashion Week. The exhibition will feature the dress from the SAMPOT REVIVAL project, characterized by the use of traditional Cambodian fabrics combined with modern Western models.