Lazio Innova

Altaroma and Lazio Innova have signed a collaboration agreement with the common intention of working together to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of young professionals and designers within the world of fashion, promoting the meeting between them and companies in the sector, in order to promote opportunities for innovation within the local production fabric.

As part of the agreement signed, Lazio Innova through Space A has intended to support companies and designers in the fashion industry by making available two interventions:

  • “Startup Fashion Academy”, aimed at young graduates and undergraduates of the Fashion and Design ACADEMIES of Lazio, in order to support the development of solutions and products, with market potential, concerning the theme of design in fashion.
  • “Business School for Designers” aimed at designers already on the market, with the aim of stimulating competitive growth and consolidate or revise their presence in international markets.


Business School for Designers