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Camilla Carrara, born in 1991, is the founder of ZEROBARRACENTO, an emerging gender-neutral outerwear brand committed to promoting zero-waste design. 0 and 100 are the statements of the collections designed by Carrara: 0% waste, 0% gender and 0% excess, for a brand that strives to be 100% sustainable. This means being 100% traceable, transparent, and inclusive. The paper patterns are developed through a process that eliminates textile waste at the design stage. This approach helps to reduce the use of raw materials. The brand’s DNA consists of clean, essential and 100% Italian lines.
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ZEROBARRACENTO presents the autumn/winter 2021 collection “The rise 0 waste fashion”, an expression of moderation and mindfulness, created following the values of the brand: 0% waste and gender, 100% sustainability, which means traceability, transparency and inclusiveness. In this collection there is a bold expression of fluidity, versatility, equality and modularity. Seasonless garments, capable of combining luxury with comfort, designed for longevity, based on an idea of connection and durability. Each piece is considered both from cut and finish point of view. The silhouettes are represented by a formality that translates into lean, and by fluid fabrics that make up draped and volumetric shapes, with a soft and masculine edge. Deconstructed shapes, which want to communicate tranquility, calm and balance, and leave the wearer the freedom to compose and combine them according to their own taste, style and mood. It is the geometric figures that design the nine items presented in the collection, proposed in three different lengths, and influenced by the innovative and non-conformist aesthetics of Asia. The colors (Blue leap, Black Onyx, Forged Grey, Amber Gold, Red Clay e Rhododendron) are compact and play on the combination of complementary shades. The materials used, thanks to the Re-VerSoTM circular economy, transparent and traceable production process, combines science and technology, obtaining high quality, 100% made in Italy, re-engineered wool and baby camel. The precious drape fit is given by 100% BembergTM by Asahi Kasei fabrics. The new generation material is made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linter pre-consumer materials and converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process. The patterns are developed, as in all ZEROBARRACENTO collections, with zero-waste modeling that eliminates textile waste in the design phase, an approach that helps reduce the use of raw materials. Generally, 15% of the raw material is wasted in the cutting room.
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