Yekaterina Ivankova
Yekaterina Ivankova
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The YEKATERINA IVANKOVA brand was founded in 2017 by Yekaterina Ivankova, a Kazakh-born designer who combines her passion for Central Asia, its culture and the art of handmade products in her garments. The reuse of vintage garments, modified in shape and paper pattern, is at the core of the brand’s philosophy “Reworked, Remode and Upcycling”, as is the transformation of discarded, second-hand and vintage products into new materials or higher-quality products — with an eye to preserving the environment. A mix of Italian tailoring and elegance and vintage references, but with a contemporary twist, make each garment unique.
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I called this collection Open precisely because I would like us to open up and understand where we are going and what we are doing. Everyone must do it in their own small way, in their sector of reference, for what they can. A change of mindset is certainly needed, and this can only happen by opening the doors of the head and heart. Our philosophy is about recovering material that is considered obsolete and thrown into the bin. For instance, 85% of the items that are made remain unsold. So the first step, for us, is certainly to redesign, renew and make all these garments fashionable. Sustainability is our core value, from A to Z, even in the way we work. Since our latest collection, we have also decided to eliminate the label, one of the few objects we had to produce. We have constantly reinforced our focus on putting the planet first. By doing so, we want to show that we can make truly fashionable and cool garments out of old, discarded ones, and that apparently non-reusable items can become must-haves. Furthermore, my items are all unique. Each of them has a story. Even before this difficult period, we had already worked in this direction. Today, the wardrobes are too full and personally I do not think that any of us needs to buy a coat every season. We have to learn to buy products when we need them. And to do so in a sustainable way, if we love our planet. FASHIONFORPLANET
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