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The YEKATERINA IVANKOVA brand was founded in 2017 by Yekaterina Ivankova, a Kazakh-born designer who combines her passion for Central Asia, its culture and the art of handmade products in her garments. The reuse of vintage garments, modified in shape and paper pattern, is at the core of the brand’s philosophy — “Reworked, Remode and Upcycling” — as is the transformation of discarded, second-hand and vintage products into new materials or higher-quality products — with an eye to preserving the environment. A mix of Italian tailoring and elegance and vintage references, but with a contemporary twist, make each garment unique.


The name of the collection is “”Italian Summer””. It is a way to restart, and the best time to do so is summer, as I did when I first came to Italy, which was also in summer. The colours and the garments all come from my memories. They have been reconstructed with the upcycling technique, working on the ready-made garment as if it were fabric, without limits and without rules.
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