Vitelli – Maglieria Italiana
Mauro Simionato / Giulia Bortoli
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Vitelli is an Italian knitwear brand with headquarters in Milan and production based in Schio. Since its foundation in 2016, Vitelli aims to portray the Italian underground culture (the Cosmic Youth) through knitwear collections with a contemporary design. The products result from the collaboration with small independent workshops based in Vicenza and from the constant research — by founders Mauro Simionato and Giulia Bortoli — of innovative and sustainable production processes. In four years, Vitelli has established itself on the fashion scene as one of the most “international” of Milan’s emerging brands. It is a project revolving around the idea of recovering scrap yarns from other productions and processing them with techniques which have a very low environmental impact. The collections are produced with about 200 kg of scraps (yarns recovered from knitting mills, ready to be dumped) entirely processed with needle punching to obtain sheets of fabric, which are then sewn together by tailors.
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About the artistic inspirations underlying the collection, we started as always with the Italian Cosmic Youth, an anti-ideological youth movement of the early Eighties with the motto “music is culture”. Post-hippie style and idealism romantic of this Italian counter-cultural scene has been a source of research and representation of all Vitelli collections. Going deep in to this collection, the Vitelli team is made up of knitters and creatives, there are no tailors. I also don’t know how to sew and I haven’t been trained in fashion design. In the Vitelli workshop, when we try new “stitches” and new combinations of yarns, we roughly cut and sew the sweaters to get an “idea” of the final garment. This platonic approach has grown stronger than the need for a “final” piece, questioning the very concept of “done well”. Since we have to be honest about what we do in all aspects, I decided to put our most intentional creativity first starting with knitwear, in fact I forced the serger on every garment. What started out as an exercise in simplicity has become the signature for the entire collection, extending to the tailoring part collection, as well as on coats and trousers.
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