Emilia Elena Maria Luisa Poli
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Founded by Emilia Poli, Villa Trentuno is a young, fresh brand with the ambitious aim of establishing itself on the market with trendy, high-quality products that can be fully customized. The company was born out of its founder’s artisanal background and has always worked with the most talented and skilled Tuscan craftsmen in the sector. All this makes the bags in this line small masterpieces of Tuscan workmanship, unique pieces aimed entirely at enhancing the taste and personality of the customer.
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The new collection draws inspiration from the 70s and from their irreverence and playfulness. The most tactile collection by Villa Trentuno so far, in which brass and bouclé wool are combined in the brand’s carryover models.
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Clori Marble

Paolina Marble

Clori Spring

Clio tile

Clio Monocrom