Ivan Bisi
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Clean lines, volumes and attention to detail are the essence of the knitwear made by Ivan Bisi, founder of the Verybusy brand. The brand was created with a cross-cutting approach to fashion, from spinning to digital prints through more traditional handmade prints. Cashmere and other noble fibres characterize the winter collections, leaving room for Eco-Friendly Bamboo, linens and fine cottons for the summer collections. Technical details and large volumes, so as not to affect the fit, give the garments an exclusive flavour. This is achieved above all thanks to the unique prints, created specifically for each outfit.
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“Flowers and splashes of color”: This is the inspiration behind our Fall Winter 21/22 collection. We continue to look for new techniques to present pure cashmere creations that are like an artist’s canvas. These sweaters can be described as fluid and harmonious. They are meant for an Exclusive and a Sophisticated Lifestyle. Throughout the collection you’ll see flowers from old style worn-out tapestries and unique handmade camouflage. They set the stage for models characterized by different volumes, all of which have the love for details and the harmony of the proportions as their common denominator. The colors are intense but at the same time soft.
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