Vanessa Saroni
Vanessa Saroni
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Inspired by Italian craftsmanship and textile expertise, Vanessa moved from Brazil to Italy in 2005. In 2019, she launched Vanessa Saroni, a sustainable luxury fashion brand where women play a leading role, luxury accessories brand offering high-end artisanal handbag collections transcending seasons and current trends. Only sustainable fabrics manufactured with minimal environmental impact, combined with the important touch of glamour that we learned from the Italian fashion tradition and that gives our handbags a timeless elegance and style. All the bags are handmade in Italy and distinguish themselves by the exquisite, colourful fabrics that are weaved by hand in local communities of female artisans in Brazil.
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Our dream state, as in daydreaming – a magical feeling that everything is possible, a desire for greatness, the sensation of emotional awakening. In this awakening we experience a variety of feelings. Calm is represented by beige, brown, grey, salmon and green, which, thanks to their simple yet always sophisticated aspect, are pleasant to the eye. Intensity and euphoria are represented by our new burgundy and royal blue tartan. These vibrant colours remind us to always pursue happiness, to brush off any bad vibes and to find satisfaction in little things.
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Shoulder Bag Lol Vies Piano Brown

Small tote bag dani vies piano brown

Handle bag juju tartan salmon

Bucket bag malu piano salom

Belt bag karol vies pianp grey