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Inspired by Italian craftsmanship and textile expertise, Vanessa moved from Brazil to Italy in 2005. In 2019, she launched Vanessa Saroni, a sustainable luxury fashion brand where women play a leading role, luxury accessories brand offering high-end artisanal handbag collections transcending seasons and current trends. Only sustainable fabrics manufactured with minimal environmental impact, combined with the important touch of glamour that we learned from the Italian fashion tradition and that gives our handbags a timeless elegance and style. All the bags are handmade in Italy and distinguish themselves by the exquisite, colourful fabrics that are weaved by hand in local communities of female artisans in Brazil.


COLORCORE – “Intertwining of Emotions” Our name for the Summer 22 collection is “Colorcore Concept”. In fact, color is the core and main character of our brand, the element providing energy and creativity to the look. Like a great rainbow, from the most vibrant hour to the calmest one, summer 2022 starts with a yearning for being outdoors. Green appears as a breath of nature, an air of hope, a feeling of regeneration and unity with the earth; red represents our cause to support the fight against female violence: many hearts that stand united, fighting for change, in the midst of so many challenges, rediscovering self-love and collective love. Wefts and warps, threads, weaves and selvages all symbolize our multicultural mosaic of women. Yellow, orange and pink warm up our palette, bring freedom of expression. We use art as a cure, as a way to make things more beautiful through creativity. Reflecting the richness of the human being, the brand celebrates the weaving traditions and finds inspiration in craftsmanship around the world.
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