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I like to call myself an alchemist of style. In fact, my creations are made of art, a mix of different cultures, emotions, colours, scents and dreams. I love handmade tailoring and made-in-Italy fashion. I believe in intelligent, sustainable and environmentally friendly luxury fashion, also as my own way of life, and I am committed to working in this direction. Over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry have allowed me to design knitwear, clothing and accessories for major companies in the sector. I have always followed all the steps needed to design the collections. I have always been attentive to the needs of companies, working and collaborating closely with partners.


The new summer 2022 collection by Valeria Vezzani finds inspiration from the elements of nature in a joyful, delicate and exciting blend. The garments are almost all double in natural fabrics; silks, cotton. Particular attention to colors, shapes and exclusive details. The prints are unique and different, from the most classic to the most original patterns, with animalier and floral references. A reference also to playful themes inspired by children’s imagination. The total look is made up of 30 printed pieces, in solid colors and compatible accessories in different outfits. The woman becomes the protagonist of everyday life and tells of a strong, carefree and dreamer personality. All Made in Italy
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