Valentina Poltronieri
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Valentina Poltronieri founded her brand in 2017. The universe created by Valentina feeds on her cultural background, her passions and her studies. She draws inspiration from her travels, from the languages of art, theatre and architecture – which she channels into her collections while at the same time retracing the history of fashion. The outcome of this creative process driven by enthusiasm, dynamic shapes and chromatic exuberance is a strong, recognizable style that combines geometry and colour successfully.


THE COLLECTION CONCEPT STARTS FROM an imaginary and unprecedented virtual journey in a place full of suggestions, colors and smells: Marrakesh, a city “embraced by a light that elevates the soul”, a sensory emotional journey of imagination, whose suggestions come together in the form of colors and stylistic elements in the creations that make up the entire SS 2022 collection.
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