Andrea Avilez A.
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Tepito is a Made in Milan product, using popular Mexican textiles together with high quality Italian leather. Tepito took inspiration from the 80’s “local shopping bags” gifted by the small towns shop owners. There is a saying here “en Tepito todo se vende menos la dignidad” (in Tepito everything is for sale, except dignity). It has a well-known street market or tianguis, which occupies 25 streets as well as three other markets, one for foodstuffs, one for shoes and one for secondhand items, with most residents here making a living as merchants with about 12,000 doing business here.
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Tepito’s new collection is called “Güey “, a colloquial Mexican Spanish word commonly used to refer to any person without using their name or gender. This F/W21 collection is the first time the brand has included several unisex items. The mix of colorful Mexican textiles and high quality Italian nappa leather marks a return to Tepito Milano’s roots where accessories and garments bring the two countries together.
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Zapata cambaya amarillo

Adelita cambaya bicolor

Hidalgo cambaya verde

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Robin cambaya amarilla