Federico Cancelli / Marco Cuccagna
Spendthrift is an Italian brand which was founded in 2013 by Federico Cancelli and Marco Cuccagna, who wanted to use the white T-shirt, the most casual garment ever, as a canvas to express their creativity. They had fun changing colours and shapes by playing with eye-catching graphics, altered images and visionary scenarios that reveal the brand’s DNA. The choice of fabrics, the continuous development of models and prints and the constant growth have led to a further evolution of the brand, which consists of easy-to-wear, basic, unisex items – sweatshirts, jackets, knitwear, shirts and accessories – with a contemporary twist and a strong streetwear attitude.
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“Little things happen every day” collection confirms a Normcode which links history art and culture. Soft lines and reduced volumes are still the F/W 20-21 collection mood. Knitwear becomes the key-element, easy to combine with all other garment. Colors, which represent the artistic vivacity of the Brand, are used to highlight the SPENDTHRIFT monogram. Instead, fringed edges break this elegance by enhancing the URBAN soul of Spendthrift knitwear. Cotton is the main yarn, chosen for underlining its coziness and to overshadow sweatshirts. Prints become smaller and leave space for Spendthrift logo which is used in a very “arrogant” way. This collection represents the evolution of the Brand’s journey, focused on a more “essential” style. The eastern influence is still relevant, mostly in the trench coat. Its fabric, soft lines and minimal style turn it into the iconic garment of the Brand. Thanks to all the above-mentioned elements, Spendthrift is able to shout to the world of fashion its leitmotiv : “live outside the box and dare without limits”.
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