Skato’ design
Maria di Gregorio
  • Sustainability
  • Made in sud
  • Accessories
The driving force behind SKATO’ DESIGN is Mariella Di Gregorio. Skatò Design was founded in 2007 as a research project on innovation, art, creativity and attention to materials. Predominantly focused on the creation of women’s fashion accessories, the brand makes jewellery and bags with a clean design and high quality that gives character and style to modern women. The JOINT collection of fashion accessories embodies this essence by giving life to seamless objects. It is a new way of assembling objects, like a jigsaw puzzle, which enhances the quality of the jewellery and gives them a strong character.
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Leather accessories that evoke elegance and structure without the use of seams while maintaining functionality, quality and aesthetics. The whole collection is aimed at a demanding and non-compliant target. Strictly in genuine leather and entirely handmade
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Easy Bag

Flask Bag

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