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The driving force behind SKATO’ DESIGN is Mariella Di Gregorio. Skatò Design was founded in 2007 as a research project on innovation, art, creativity and attention to materials. Predominantly focused on the creation of women’s fashion accessories, the brand makes jewellery and bags with a clean design and high quality that gives character and style to modern women. The JOINT collection of fashion accessories embodies this essence by giving life to seamless objects. It is a new way of assembling objects, like a jigsaw puzzle, which enhances the quality of the jewellery and gives them a strong character.


Created from the constant search for something new and above all from the need to find an alternative to assembly, the collection can be defined as unconventional, alternative. A real study that required a path made of sketches, drawings and prototypes before coming up with a unique and different product. Leather accessories that evoke elegance and structure without the use of seams while maintaining functionality, quality and appearance. Strictly made of genuine leather and entirely handmade, the entire collection is designed for a demanding target audience that does not subscribe to standardization.
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