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Simon Cracker is a genderless brand that stems from the inspiration and personal experience of its founder, Simone Botte, who designs its collections. Books, paintings, music, films: everything that is part of the designer’s education is transformed into ideas, styles and shapes for his own creations. The latter are free of all constraints and definitions, immune to discrimination, and they provide a new perspective on contemporary prêt-à-porter. “Crack is the fundamental concept of my brand – explains the designer – It means destruction. Every time I show a new concept, I am doing something very therapeutic. It makes me feel liberated.


DEADSTOCK – SIMON CRACKER SS 2022 A collection made with the raw material of memories and feelings, but without any nostalgia. The past creates the only real foundation for the future. The cozy feeling of the Riviera Romagnola hotels, formal men’s suits forgotten and never collected from laundries, the heavy curtains faded by a bright summer sun, the protective feeling of a slightly oxidized metallic patina, the excitement of little altar boys before mass. My ‘wrong’ posture used as the structure of broken and mended jackets and shirts.
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