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Silvia Gatti
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SG83 is a start-up company founded by entrepreneur and designer Silvia Gatti, who firmly believes in Italian craftsmanship. The work and mission of this entirely made-in-Italy brand is based on this belief and on the founder’s creativity. Attractive design and carefully selected raw materials for elegant, durable and functional handcrafted bags. Founded in the city of Parma, SG83 is the Modern Vintage brand: capable of fusing art, cinema and music of the past – especially the music of the disruptive 70s – to create a new style with an elegant, functional design and a strong appeal.
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“ASYMMETRIC DREAM” SG83 The SG83 FW ’21 / ’22 collection draws once again inspiration from the Bauhaus movement. Indeed, this is always the starting point for the brand’s research into shape. It is the emblem which serves as the starting point for designing a capsule-collection with a one single model, which is implemented in multiple variations of colours and materials. The flap bags called Dav, as a tribute to the White Duke, David Bowie, are unique and modern. They are characterized by a strong and clean design, but they look at the same time minimalist and sophisiticated. A musical, artistic and cinema icon, a Londoner and a nonconformist: David Bowie serves as inspiration for the geometric and “”crooked”” design, which is a bit typical of the ’80s, but it is also as sharp as his lyrics and his physiognomy – like the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau, like the colour tests made by Monika Bella Broner in the 1930s. The leitmotiv is always “”geometry””. Design is applied to an everyday object like a bag. It becomes Rock together with Bowie’s biting songs. It remains essential and elegant, thanks to the simplicity of the product and to the colours: basic, neutral, concrete, they can be matched with any outfit. Two unusual, limited-edition variants stand out to break the rigour of design. The leather is hand-painted and recalls Jackson Pollock and abstract art. As usual, art provides the background for the collections and for the choice of materials of the brand from Parma. The bags are hand-painted by the designer herself, who rediscovered painting during the lockdown period and who wants us to notice how her first love, art, is important for every brand, for handmade creations and for made-in-Italy fashion. A mixture of different styles evokes Silvia Gatti’s street and modern-vintage style. The designer tells us: “”like Bowie who took us to Mars by singing avant-gardist songs in the ’70s – still popular today – SG83 intends to make “”spatial”” items that last over time and are never slave to trends. This is my dream: to always take you to a different time space, while trying to remain in the “”here and now”” of fashion.”” Red, Black, White, Gray, Dark Blue, Pearl, soft patent leather, and hand-painted variants…Dav – the new iconic bag by SG83.”
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