Carlotta Chirico / Silvia Cautadella / Marta Molesini
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SCILé, Milan based label, is a reinterpretation of the traditional men’s vest. Founded in 2018, SCILE’ was conceived by Silvia Cataudella and Carlotta Chirico, and then developed together with Marta Molesini. Vintage lovers and passionate about art, travel and fashion they come together to create unconventional and refined garments inspired by artistic movements and different cultures. SCILé is the result of a revised classic garment – the vest – with a touch of contemporary feminine vision expressed by the choice of different fabrics and eclectic prints which create strong and eccentric contrasts. Sustainable collection thought for trendy, strong and sophisticated women, who care about details and dare to express their personality through their outfits. Each piece from every SCILé collection is designed and created in Italy, supporting the economy of our country, to ensure the highest quality possible while helping to minimize the environmental impact due to CO2 emissions linked to international transport.
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TAMBURI collection – Fall Winter 2021 A whirlwind of colors and semi-geometric shapes. Bright colour prints and abstract geometries add a special note to the linings and pipings of the garments, thus becoming the distinctive features of the collection. Refined tailored vests suitable for a more casual and everyday style are presented alongside more sophisticated and eccentric items.
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PALOMA Classic raspberry wool short vest

PALOMA Classic burgundy velvet short vest

PALOMA Aubergine leather classic short vest

PALOMA Classic moss green velvet long vest

PALOMA Classic bicolor raspberry and blue wool long vest