Sartoria 74
Francesca Ciccarelli
  • Startup
  • Made in sud
  • Clothes
Sartoria 74 is an atelier founded in Giugliano, on the outskirts of Naples, by Francesca Ciccarelli, a young, bold entrepreneur, inspired by the Neapolitan sartorial tradition that has conquered the world. Precious fabrics, stylistic research, imagination, creativity, far-sightedness, but also the courage to take on new market challenges led Francesca to make the leap into prêt-à-porter. Needles, threads, coloured balls and irregular islands formed by iridescent fabrics, the flavour of the ateliers of the past, the tradition and know-how of an ancient craft combine for unique creations that meet the taste of haute couture to become fantastic dresses.
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I created clothes thinking of a woman who wants to go back to living, wearing make-up, dressing up, feeling beautiful and classy, celebrating and – why not? – showing her determination a little. This collection features soft leather tuxedos, bold jeans tuxedos, but also colourful and bright tuxedos.
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