Sabrina Formica
Sabrina Formica
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  • Made in sud
  • Accessories
Fashion designer and teacher, fascinated by Art, cultural influences and a non-obvious idea of Beauty, Sabrina has found a way to express emotions and inner contrasts in the craft techniques of goldsmiths. Immersed in the emotional freedom of the creative process, rejecting the rigidity of conventional schemes and the disharmony of mass products, the designer lets herself be inspired by shadows, by the fragility of existence and by the imperfection of nature. The result is a collection of poetic dream like jewellery to wear and interpret
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“Meanwhile, Nature grows…” Designed during the suspended time of the health care emergency we were forced to live, this collection reminds us to “grow through what we go through”, opening up to new opportunities. Despite the fear and the uncertainty of our times, we can still build a responsible – instead of self-destructive – society, rethink new times and new priorities, without neglecting the emotions we felt in the long months of isolation. The spectacle of nature that gradually appeared in the silent and surreal urban areas was a major source of inspiration during the design process.
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MNG_GTN - Grow Through (what you go through)

MNG_BP – Broken Pieces

MNG_GTC – Grow Through

MNG_WAY – Who Are You? - Choker

MNG_BMS – Beautiful Memories – Studs