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Marco Kinloch was born in Castelfranco Veneto on 09/28/86, from an Italian mother and a Scottish father. He studied history at Ca’Foscari before moving to Germany, in Munich, following the meeting with his wife Antea Brugnoni. Together they created in 2011 their first brand, Kinloch: an application on scarves, scarves and accessories of hand-made drawings, on watercolor by Marco Kinloch, the result of his ironic and often irreverent vision of historical episodes and characters, places, figures mythological and architectural structures. Kinloch’s commercial development rapidly led to market expansion in the Far East, especially Japan, Malaysia and Korea, with over three hundred sales points. Between 2014 and 2016 Marco and Antea undertake the restoration of their family home in Sicily, Villa Valguarnera, for which they will develop various types of wallpapers and home textiles inspired by Sicily and designed by Marco. Following this experience, in 2016, they founded a new brand, Roi du Lac, which draws its main spirit from interior decoration, telling the consumer a sophisticated, exotic and intercultural world. Thanks to the positive development of the brand’s commercial plan, from spring summer 2018 Roi du Lac proposes a line of clothing complementary to its world that allows a cosmopolitan woman to always carry the Roi du Lac universe with her.


Every day we feel more and more inclined to dress in comfortable and sporty clothes without being less elegant.The Roi du Lac woman wears our prints with extreme nonchalance, but is never ostentatious.
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