Roberto Lucchi
Roberto Lucchi
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A long search is the secret behind the success of Roberto Lucchi, entrepreneur and creative director of the eponymous brand. Driven by the idea of creating a handmade and totally customized hat, the designer came across abandoned hat-making ateliers. These workshops ceased their activity even before the transition to more modern presses, but they were a source of materials, wooden moulds, models, as well as an opportunity to meet the masters of ancient craft techniques in the field of hat making. This is where Roberto recovered old tools and learned all the manual and traditional techniques directly from the masters of hat making. This is how he started a small made-in-Italy production of entirely handmade hats.
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The collection originated as an answer to the following question: how does your essence communicate your emotions? “Essence” has its roots in and aims to represent the three types of communication that every “artist of life” can use to convey emotions: non-verbal, verbal and paraverbal.
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