Niccolò Cipriani / Daniele Ceni
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Niccolò Cipriani and Daniele Ceni have created Rifò thanks to crowdfunding on Ulule. Rifò has been founded in Prato, a historic textile district 30 km from Florence. Thanks to a mechanical and artisanal process developed in this area over 100 years ago, the brand transforms fabric scraps and old garments into new ones that maintain the same qualities as the original products. High-quality clothes and accessories are made from 100% regenerated textile fibres, a method that reuses scraps, significantly reducing the amount of water, pesticides and chemicals needed in any production of virgin material.
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Blossom Humanism F/W 2021-22. The name of the new Rifò’s Collection aims to highlight the concept of rebirth, a new blossoming for us – human beings living on Earth – after the situation we have been living in recent months. Renaissance was the period in which humanity became aware of its privileged role on Earth and of its need to act. To do so, humanity resorted to nature to achieve knowledge. Rifò originated from a global emergency. We wanted to rediscover the tradition of our textile region, Prato, to make new sustainable clothes. We collect old clothes , we sort them by quality and colour, and we shred them to make new fiber. Then, we transform the latter into a new yarn, which we use to produce soft and high-quality made-in-Italy garments.
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