Silvia Zoppellari
  • Accessories
  • Rome
  • Startup
  • Sustainability
Pyla is a brand of accessories with an essential and original design. Founded in Italy in 2016, the brand strives to ensure the uniqueness of each piece, firmly believing in handicraft. The collections are bold, yet never ostentatious, geometric, yet not severe. Proof that you can shine even without diamonds. Pyla has also always been engaged in a zero-waste mission: reduce what we consume, reuse what we need and recycle as much as possible. Environmentally friendly materials, such as resin and locally sourced primary resources, are combined with paper packaging, which can be used to store the jewellery itself. All this is aimed at taking small steps towards a healthier planet.


Mythos pursues a dream. Like the sound of a harp among neoclassical statues in a northern European garden, it rediscovers a myth lost in the labyrinth of memory. It tries to interpret the sumptuous decadence of classical sounds that our ear rediscovers.
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