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Pommes de Claire is the name of the clothing line created by Chiara Salvioli. The apple was chosen as the symbol of the brand because it has always accompanied humankind throughout history: from the beginning, starting with Adam and Eve, continuing with Newton and William Tell, and even the Snow White fairytale, up to the present day, with the Apple operating system. The lines of the garments are clean and linear. The style takes us back in time. Yet, in each creation there is a touch of current extravagance that leads our imagination towards a “modern woman”, in step with the times. The models are very contemporary, even if they recall the classic lines. Tailored evergreens, they are handmade in limited series with natural fabrics which make each garment unique and special.
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The collection designed for Altaroma contains the most representative models of the brand, made with light and natural fabrics, impalpable, and delicate on the skin. Geometric patterned silks, in orange and turquoise colors, form asymmetrical and floating blouses, wide trousers with slits or crosses on the front, vertical and horizontal stripes form rigid optical games on the lightness of the fabrics. Crochet crocheted tops with 100% black, beige and pearl gray cotton thread, with delicate cap work and small holes on the surface; matched with trousers with inlay insert on the center front, kimono with black / white striped flowers or long one-shoulder skirt in macramé lace coupled with salt and pepper linen. Other crochet works are the round peanut stitch bag, the asymmetrical waistcoat and short knitted skirt woven with raffia, all made with 100% natural cotton thread. A further touch of lightness is given to the taffeta fabric with petal application in the white or black version the cloth dress with long side tail called “White Swan” and “Black Swan” is a touch of visual lightness despite the construction of this model is very rigid and asymmetrical. The taffeta fabric is combined with cotton fabrics, in white with smaller applications and in smooth black. With the same white petal fabric, the most representative garment of the collection was made, consisting of a shirt with petals on the front with lacing on the back and a pant-skirt with an application of petals that stretch from the center front to the sides. A careful selection of natural materials and expert tailoring construction give the collection the “suspended lightness” of the search for beauty that lasts over time.
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Completo pantagonna petali e camicia petali

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