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Pommes de Claire is the name of the clothing line created by Chiara Salvioli. The apple was chosen as the symbol of the brand because it has always accompanied humankind throughout history: from the beginning, starting with Adam and Eve, continuing with Newton and William Tell, and even the Snow White fairytale, up to the present day, with the Apple operating system. The lines of the garments are clean and linear. The style takes us back in time. Yet, in each creation there is a touch of current extravagance that leads our imagination towards a “modern woman”, in step with the times. The models are very contemporary, even if they recall the classic lines. Tailored evergreens, they are handmade in limited series with natural fabrics which make each garment unique and special.


The winter garment par excellence, enveloping and protective, the tabard (tabarro in Italian) boasts ancient origins as a derivation of the Roman toga; it was used in the Middle Ages by knights and in the Renaissance by craftsmen, shepherds and farmers. When you think of the TABARRO, your mind immediately goes back to cold, foggy winter days, to people of bygone days wrapped in thick cloaks, walking or cycling up and down the banks and ditches of the Mantua, Veneto and Emilia villages. As a Mantuan designer, the tabard is in my DNA and it regularly leads me to experiment with new shapes for winter coats. It has crossed the ages with its protective, warm and – why not? – elegant, stylish and practical qualities. So the tabard, cape and gaberdine will be the protagonists of the Pommes de Claire winter collection, in the typical colours of the Po Valley, my homeland: grey like fog, dark green and brown like the bare trees and frozen fields, dark red like the tools used to work in the fields, and the ever-present black as per tradition. Underneath the tabard (or the coat inspired by it), there will be a surprise effect, with super-feminine dresses cinched at the waist and high-waisted men’s trousers; because it’s all very well to wrap up warmly to beat the cold, but once you’re inside, you can take your outerwear off and the surprise will leave everyone speechless…
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