Alfredo Piferi
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Alfredo Piferi is the founder of the Piferi brand, which produces elegantly designed vegan shoes for women, blending luxury and sustainability into one product. Intrigued by the architectural side of shoe design, and after numerous experiences with internationally renowned brands such as Jimmy Choo, Alfredo has developed a unique concept, inspired by the shapes and structures of surrealism, and challenging new styles, proportions and dynamics. The result is a line of exclusive, 100% vegan footwear: pumps, boots, sandals, cutaway clogs and elegant designer ballet pumps. Produced and designed entirely in Italy, in Parabiago, outside Milan, Piferi’s shoes combine the finest Italian craftsmanship with the most modern production techniques, respecting our planet and all its living creatures.


Piferi has no seasonal concept. Piferi is a collection of styles that evolves to build a perfect shoe wardrobe, adding new categories and functions each season . The guideline we always follow is the macro concept of the brand, which stands for clean, pure lines, extraordinary care for details and surreal glitches which animate the products. Sustainability at PĪFERI starts from sketches, and we always favour timeless products to seasonal expressions.
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