Of handmade
Simona Guaini / Nicola Bertagna
  • Sustainability
  • Clothes
The brand is the brainchild of designers Nicola Bertagna and Simona Guaini, who want to create a product that combines sustainability with design, taking craftsmanship to a new level. Building on past experiences in contact with spinning mills and materials, they design unique collections that are closely linked to the fate of the yarn. The designers express the emotions they feel when they touch it and imagine what expert hands will be able to create with it. In 2016 they launched their first collection, creating the brand OF HANDMADE. The principles of Research, Speciality and Sustainability are the foundation of exclusive pieces, created using the oldest spinning and weaving techniques, under the motto “Being SUSTAINABLE is better than being PERFECT”.
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Of Handmade’s new collection takes its cue from the visionary architect Navarro, blending his signature geometries and lines with the softness and adaptability of knitted garments. Geometric lines form the garment’s structure, allowing a mix of basic and iconic items and inclusion of the traditional crochet embroidery that is part of the Brand’s history. Famous for its wealth of detail, the Brand has always made sustainability a goal of its research.
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22A-CAP01 Lover caban

22A-CAP03 Jap coat

22A-CAP04 Polar22 Jacket

22A-CAP05 Waffle22 Jacket

22-CAP06 Piuminus