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The Nubes de Mazapan project is the brainchild of Michelangelo Citro. His aim is to promote the excellence of made-in-Italy products, starting from the rediscovery of the most renowned goldsmith and tanning districts, and relying on important factories located in Campania for manufacturing. Design, the use of excellent materials and the rediscovery of the Italian manufacturing tradition are the characteristics of a brand that aspires to become a new point of reference in the fashion world, promoting genuine made-in-Italy production, from initial design to the finished product.


Modernity meets the past, between the sequins of a disco and the thousands of colours of a hardware store’s snap hooks – a store full of chains in the most disparate shapes, full of references to articles that are lost in memory. Memories seem to be sealed by golden padlocks and keys that open the doors of imagination. And the doors of imagination lead us back to life, to evenings out, to the refined Asian sophistication of the 2030s with a nostalgia for the 80s… In this visionary world we bring out this desire to dance to life, barefoot, on comfortable footbeds, on high and wide patent leather or vinyl heels, breaking the chains that have kept us all locked up within our homes. In the past year, our home, which had always been a safe haven, has indeed become a prison from which to escape.
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