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NTMB, NEVER TOO MUCH BASIC, is an Italian collective from Naples founded by Davide De Vivo and Matteo Paloni. The brand celebrates urban and pop culture in all its forms. The idea is to reinterpret vintage pieces or timeless materials through handmade customizations and craftwork to give them a new life. Styles and inscriptions/engravings are inspired by nature, urban culture, video games, manga, calligraphy, murals and church frescoes. From 2016 to 2019, NTMB set up a successful collaboration with new Parisian designer collective Faith Connex jon. This long experience gave the brand the opportunity to grow season after season, increasing its worldwide exposure and attracting some top international celebrities through its work. Wrangler asked NTMB to create a special piece for its show at Pitti in 2017 and during White Street Market in 2019. NTMB also created a capsule collection for Arena using fabric scraps and making iconic pieces.


The new SS22 collection by NTMB represents the nostalgic search for the lightness of the Neapolitan summer and spring season through the blue and cream colors of the open sea, sand and flowers. Smileys are hidden among the floral compositions of the garments: they are typical of the underground flavor of the brand’s DNA which has always been mixed with the other main themes of the creations. The new NTMB collection aims to increase public awareness of the need to preserve and rediscover nature, which is now increasingly in danger. The flowers, the materials and the manufacturing process of the brand’s garments testify to this need. In addition, the brand has always committed itself to making “zero kilometer” products by favoring a production process that takes place in its own city: Naples. The SS22 collection is made up of 13 garments, mainly in eco-sustainable denim thanks to the R-TWO technology of the textile company ISKO DENIM. Denim patches with embroidered flowers have been applied to most of the products and eco-sustainable washing processes – not aggressive for the fabric – have been applied. All this ensures greater durability of the materials and a greater reduction in the waste of water and of materials that are harmful to our ecosystem. NTMB has tried to limit waste also during the whole production process.
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