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Elisa Castellari, CEO and designer of MyChalom, was born in Verona in 1991. At the age of 19 she moved to Milan to study finance at Università Cattolica. However, already during her first work experience with the LVMH group, she realized that banking, let alone finance, was not her future. After working for three years in Milan and Paris, Elisa left the French group for a Milanese showroom specialized in footwear, where she worked as wholesale manager. During these years, she had the opportunity to come into direct contact with manufacturers and suppliers and she fell in love with the production process of made-in-Italy footwear. This is how My Chalom came into being. It was founded in 2018 with the aim of reviving the Italian artisan community. A brand of sophisticated and comfortable designer footwear, conceived by creative minds and entirely handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen. My Chalom means “dream” in Hebrew, not only because it was launched after a weekend in Tel Aviv, but because the brand’s vision harbours a desire to give customers a pair of shoes that will help them take the first step in making their dreams come true.


The new MyChalom Spring Summer 2022 collection is a real tribute to our nation: Italy. The materials are soft like the curves of our Women, the models cheeky but with character at the same time. The details are the masters: mignon of crystals that recall the reflection of the light on the sea of Capri, red satin like the color of our fruits and laces that will elegantly wrap the feet of those who will wear our shoes next summer under a starry sky. A tribute to not forget how beautiful our country is, how fascinating our Women are and how they the greatest source of inspiration for all of us.
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