• Genderless
  • Innovation
  • Made in sud
  • Rome
  • Sustainability
MIRA Visionary Concept made its debut in June 2017 at Paris Fashion Week and in October of the same year at Shanghai Fashion Week, the launch pad that immediately positioned the brand on the international market. Today we work with various luxury boutiques around the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia, with collections that develop on a total look for men and women. Several worldwide distributors collaborate with MIRA in Italy, Russia and Greece. MIRA’s style is defined as a “communicative Luxury Streetwear”. At the base of each collection there is a message to be sent to the final user that we express by processing patterns and graphics. Whoever wears MIRA is the spokesperson for these messages.


SS22 “what a fu**ture!?” This was the starting question for the development of the spring/summer 2022 collection. Through ironic graphics, the collection portrays the moods caused by the uncertainty about the future that we live every day. The relaxed tones and pastel colours blend with soft lines, generating an overall sense of lightness. Mira relies on the quality of made-in-Italy design and almost exclusively uses natural fabrics.
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