Mich Vasca
Michael Spartano
  • Sustainability
  • Accessories
An emerging, Italian and niche brand, Mich Vasca is an experimental workshop of handbags and accessories which was founded by Michael Spartano in 2013. Loyal to the made-in-Italy production chain, mostly made up of small craftsmen scattered throughout Italy, the brand focuses on the development of a common thread running through each collection, thus making it easier to identify its style. The brand produces women’s and men’s leather goods and technical materials. They are the result of an in-depth research that begins with the designer learning about and celebrating the masterpieces of the past that are akin to his vision. It is a vision that strongly distances itself from socio-cultural prejudices, in which people and their desire to stand out from the crowd are the first steps in the development of a project.
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The concept of the collection reveals an intimate link between geometry and nature, in which maniacal functionality and obsessive aesthetic research begin to embrace the theme of sustainability.
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