Matt Moro
Denis Moretti / Matteo Maruzzi
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MATT MORO is a shoe brand founded in 2017 with the intention of proposing an alternative to made in italy footwear brands already existing on the market, relying on a high rated quality-price. The top notch and highly innovative design already got the attention and subsequently determined the purchase of some of the best buyers in Italy. At the end of the second season of the brand sales campaign, the brand is now distributed in 20 italian luxury multi brand stores and famous shops in Germany and Corea. The footwear collection, designed in Milan and handmade in Marche, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to quality and design, catering to the desire for exclusivity and timelessness its audience desires. Each shoe is crafted using carefully selected materials, such as the best-tuscany suede leather, luxurious calfskin lining and durable leather soles. This means every products created by MATT MORO is designed to be necessary and timeless part of a contemporary man and woman’s wardrobe.
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Matt Moro is a brand that creates men’s ankle boots that originates from the contemporary Rock’n’Roll vision of two young designers from Milan: Matteo Maruzzi and Denis Moretti. The influence of the glam-rock icons of the 70s and the styles of the different youth subcultures are merged into a hybrid and contemporary identity by Matt Moro. Italian labour and craftsmanship, together with a careful selection of materials, are the basis for high-quality products. Handmade only with genuine Tuscan leather, Matt Moro men’s ankle boots are all slightly different from each other, hence unique. The first collection available on Pier Abbigliamento – in store and online – is a capsule collection of boots, a manifesto of the androgynous vision of the two designers. This collection consists of a line of boots that embodies the identity of the brand by conveying a rock’n’roll image with uncompromising quality.
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Tyler black vintage

Tyler arabica

Tyler brown vintage

Tyler red vintage

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