Massimo Melchiorri
Massimo Melchiorri
  • Accessories
The Massimo Melchiorri brand was founded in 2018 out of the need and pleasure of designing and creating something unique. Research, experimentation, technique and design come together to create products that are tangible expressions of good taste, with a style that transcends trends but aims to create a recognizable identity over time. Inspired by the values of made-in-Italy design and production, each shoe is exclusively made in Italy, representing the quintessential expression of the highest craftsmanship.
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From the darkness that envelops everything in uncertainty and silence, the X hour resounds in the soul of the artist in which the need to look beyond, the search for new dreams and opportunities direct the gaze to the most unknown landscapes. Facing the unknown makes us turn our attention to the widest of the horizons, space, where everything is a possibility, everything is a discovery and ambitions find their dimension. The stars illuminate the immense darkness, creating trails that evoke textures and surfaces, the glows suggest exciting primary shades where warm and cold tones coexist. An exciting new Big Bang explodes in the soul and everything becomes possible again, even capturing the cosmic immensity and distilling it in the design of a new collection.
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