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The Massimo Melchiorri brand was founded in 2018 out of the need and pleasure of designing and creating something unique. Research, experimentation, technique and design come together to create products that are tangible expressions of good taste, with a style that transcends trends but aims to create a recognizable identity over time. Inspired by the values of made-in-Italy design and production, each shoe is exclusively made in Italy, representing the quintessential expression of the highest craftsmanship.


A love that began in my youth, when I was little more than a child and I learned to dive in unknown seas and discovered the wonders under the water surface. I found myself surrounded by a surprising, natural, spontaneous, yet complex beauty, with harmonies of both sweet and extraordinarily intense colors created by the vegetation and inhabitants of this world I did not know – a world full of delicate and pure treasures. After discovering so much beauty, I could no longer do without it. Diving has become a passion that has grown with me over the years. It has led me to visit new places and observe how the seabed and coral reefs change with the passing of time or how they are affected by the intrusive or disrespectful presence of humans. So I wonder what will be left of the magnificent scenarios that have filled my eyes and soul with wonder when I can visit them again. Today that we all live at the mercy of this global crisis, unable of traveling and exploring my beloved seas, my memories seem to become more vivid and exciting, perhaps to compensate for nostalgia. I felt the strong need to express them. I found myself illustrating them quickly with watercolors. Then, I elaborated them, translating the marine elements into the design of my shoes, giving my products a new look and a new value. In this way, I felt like I was bringing to life my memories of the amazing underwater world, right in front of my eyes.
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