Matteo Dazzo – Rossella Mancini
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Blending traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde aesthetic, MAISON DRESSAGE designs and creates bold accessories that function as an extension of clothing, tracing sharp lines and geometric shapes on the wearer’s body. Fine materials – such as Italian walnut wood, brass and precious fabrics – contrast and complement the smoothness of Italian leather, while fetish-inspired details and timeless minimalism characterize unique pieces to be worn uncompromisingly. MAISON DRESSAGE shares the principles of slow fashion, crafting accessories that go beyond fashion trends. They are made to last and characterized by a consistent and recognizable aesthetic.


Two collections that intertwine and interconnect in a research for different equilibria deriving from the same substance. Bridging craftsmanship with versatility and sophistication, each piece was designed with the urban dweller in mind. 
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