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Matteo Maiorano, born in 1991, the son of two artists, has always researched how to express his artistic nature, exploring different possibilities. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, he worked in the fashion industry for a few years before starting his own brand. Maiorano, which was founded in Rome, makes luxury footwear. The philosophy behind the brand is based on the creation of shoes with a strong artistic soul, handmade in Italy and resulting from the designer’s aesthetic research. Therefore, without losing their function, the final products appear as objects that go beyond their mere use, in an imaginative encounter between art and fashion.


A shoe as an example of symbiosis between art and fashion. The making of an object that goes beyond its mere function, that transcends it and becomes an artpiece thanks to all its primary values: uniqueness, exclusiveness, beauty and timelessness. A shoe as an example of identity beyond trends. In this philosophy of belonging, the designer goes beyond his role of conceiver and acts as an artist by leaving his own mark — if not his soul — on the object. In this way, the surface gets painted, carved and treated as a work of art. This process, which follows the artisanal made-in-Italy tradition, is applied as a ritual on every single piece, which thus becomes unique and unrepeatable. Herein lies the value of a truly exclusive product, created for modern women and men who wish to express their own individual authenticity and the liberty that derives from it.
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