Lucrezia Kauffmann
  • Accessories
  • Bag
  • Genderless
  • Innovation
  • Rome
  • Startup
  • Sustainability
The LK brand was founded in Milan in 2017 by designer Lucrezia Kauffmann, who wanted to create a project with a strong identity in which she could express her creativity. With her LK brand, Lucrezia Kauffman has always had a strong connection with made-in-Italy art and craftsmanship. With her project, the designer aims to break away from the traditional rules of luxury, in order to bring an innovative vision to fashion. The One is the brand’s iconic model, which is present in all the collections. Its aesthetic immediately leads us into a poetic, graceful and elegant world. The look of the square shape, the study of delicate and vibrant colours and the design of details immediately catch the eye, which is attracted by the uniqueness of the piece and by the large front zipper, a distinctive feature of the brand. Surreal imagery is a recurring feature in all the brand’s collections. Its best representation is the iconic zipper on the front of the bags, which acts as a gateway to Lucrezia Kauffmann’s dream world.


Candy Memphis è la borsa la cui estetica è ispirata al movimento artistico italiano di Sottsass e Branzi, attivo negli anni ‘80. È caratterizzata da un sapiente melange di colori pastello e le texture laterali sono interamente dipinte a mano da artigiani.
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