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Lotyēre stands for essential and functional luxury, where references to opulence can be found in the extreme search for perfection in details. The brand creates pieces with a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Lotyēre rethinks the vision of leather goods through the implementation of an all-round design, so that the accessory becomes indispensable. Refined and elegant products with a minimalist taste go beyond the concept of seasonality and fashion trends, without ever abandoning the traditions of Italian know-how and fine craftsmanship. Synonymous with luxury, Lotyēre maintains its uniqueness through the discreetly confidential and direct relationship it creates with its consumers. The aim is not only to convey a sense of exclusivity, but also to create a relationship of mutual trust, based on sincerity and the brand’s authentic and ethical approach.


The design of the collection is at the same time minimalistic and refined, sober but exclusive: a timeless beauty. The logo and details are never intrusive: refined lines embellished with metal details coated with gold. Beauty and sensory stimulation go hand in hand: each product is designed to stimulate the senses: the sight is enthralled by the produtcts’ sinuous shapes , the smell by the perfume of the materials used, the touch by the smoothness of the leathers. The new highly versatile formats attract even the youngest female audience. The functionality of the product is understated, never cried aloud. In short, a pleasant experience of practicality enclosed in a collection of high aesthetic appeal.
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