Les Jeux Du Marquis
Emanuele Coppari
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Emanuele Coppari is the founder of Les Jeux du Marquis. The brand heritage makes reference to a long-standing shoe-making tradition, whose values originate in the world of upholstery and fine craftsmanship. The brand draws inspiration from the excellence and know-how typical of the region where it was founded, the Marche. Its collections pay tribute to the concept of hyper-femininity, to a woman who is sophisticated, determined, authentic and truly contemporary. As if they were constantly evolving capsule collections, the lines coexist in an eclectic balance of women’s footwear, genderless bracelets with a rock soul, fancy accessories and, most recently, a unisex eau de parfum.
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A Boudoir is a place of pleasure, the place where people seek it par excellence. And they often find it, under many forms – physical, sensorial, emotional, aesthetic, cultural pleasure. The pleasure of meeting, of intertwining one’s own experience with the ones of others. It is starting from these considerations that we designed a collection that investigates the concept of “”pleasure”” from various points of view and contains them all together. Just like in a Boudoir. Les Jeux du Marquis presents its “”Boudoir 2022 collection””
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