Lana Volkov
Lana Liona Volkov
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Lana Volkov is a shoe artist and craftswoman who creates attractive and elegant shoes that emphasize the charm of the foot, accentuating its feminine shape and spirit. Her passion for contemporary design and art, combined with her considerable experience in the craft of fine leather-working, has led her to create a collection of highly sophisticated, desirable and evocative styles designed to underline the character of modern women. Lana Volkov’s shoes are a celebration of colour: unique and incredibly glamorous, they are the creations of a true artist — designed to achieve the perfect balance between luxury, modern design, elegance and sophistication. NOTE: for press, please contact the designer asking for an appointment to receive the press kit.
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MY FANTASY symbolises a spiritual, physical and creative journey of being a woman and a designer. Lana Volkov’s aspiration of becoming a shoe designer did not remain as a theoretical dream. She made her dream into reality. She travelled, she observed, she fell and she picked herself up, she worked to make her vision come true. Her inspiration is a contemporary woman, financially and spiritually independent, strong yet feminine, sexy yet sophisticated and stylish. To prove that she can become such a woman was not only her fantasy, but something Lana needed to prove to herself. Colour, texture and movement has played an essential role in realising MY FANTASY. The colour accents highlight Lana Volkov’s love for bold and contrasting colour palettes which elicit a specific emotional response and reflects the vibrant colours of the world we live in. The designer’s love for dance and music is demonstrated through the use of the handcrafted tassels that gracefully dance with the hips of the wearer, symbolising movement, life and the desire of the free spirit. The materials of contrast: exotic printed motifs and intrecciato woven leathers are layered to create texture and depth, a metaphor for experiences that have allowed us to learn and grow in life. The provocative features such as the crescent cut exposure of the toe suggest mystery and seduction whilst the classic, almond shaped toe front holds a link to femininity and timeless elegance. The signature curvy elevated silhouettes express and embrace a woman’s natural curves, communicating that beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. A collection inspired by a woman with strength and confidence…one who is fearless and enigmatic, daring, liberated and unconventional… a woman who never turns back. There is no better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself
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