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Lana Volkov is a shoe artist and craftswoman who creates distinctive and beautiful shoes that charm the foot, accentuating its feminine form and spirit. Her passion for contemporary design and art, combined with her considerable experience in the craft of fine leather-working, has led her to create a collection designed to underline the character of modern women. Lana Volkov shoes evoke a spark of life, vibrancy and glamour, they are the creations of a true artist — designed to achieve the perfect balance between luxury, modern design, elegance and sophistication.


Nature is a festival of colours, movements and shapes . Looking at the movements of birds when they spread their wings and soar high in the sky was the inspiration for this collection. In its own majestic way, nature is always perfect. Even imperfections are perfect… nothing to add and nothing to take. Nature is not always symmetrical, yet it is always harmonious and ‘effortless’. It is the imbalance of colour and texture that brings harmony to this collection, a ‘contradiction’ that found its way into the design elements, free from the principles imposed by established norms. The result is a collection that is uninhibited, yet harmonious.
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