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KOBF – kidsofbrokenfuture is the brand of Spanish designer Marta Sanchez Castañeda and her husband Elbio Bonsaglio. It pursues responsibility in all its production processes, with a focus on environmental impact and on the needs of workers, customers and suppliers. The brand was born out of Marta’s idea to create a contemporary, avant-garde, sustainable and even slightly irreverent line, different from all the existing ones. Inspired by the subcultures of the late 20th century, the intention is to curb society’s tendency to be short-sighted with respect to evolution, about which only “kids” are actually concerned. The indifference of the general public can only be countered by the efforts of younger generations, to which the brand caters.


The concept of the next collection is a social criticism that revolves around fear. Today’s fear (underlying or manifest) is becoming the new normal in a world beset by violence, economic insecurity, and geopolitical uncertainty. People look for results in alternative realities that seek to create discomfort and that defy moral conventions and what is considered as politically correct. We want to create an alternative reality based on an alternate state of conciousness. It has always been a natural necessity in man to trascend his reality to reach a more sublime universe, to feel elevated Because of that we want to create a world that’s in between reality and fantasy, past and present, and virtual physical. For this collection we collaborated with Daniel Sparkes a.k.a MUDCOM; the dreamy worlds that he presents in his art works as a way to escape the real crisis and hard times are the perfect way to capture our concept. “”I always want the work to transcend the stresses and politics of the real world”” Daniel S.
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