JAJO Made in Italy
Rosario Migliaccio
  • Startup
  • Rome
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
A love of taste and an aesthetic sense deriving from childhood memories were the main reasons that led Rosario Migliaccio to embark on a journey into the world of fashion — a difficult and tortuous journey, but one full of surprises and unique experiences. After numerous collaborations with various companies, he decided to embark on an individual journey, making the most of his experiences, memories and notes. This is how he decided to found JAJO madeinitaly, a brand which makes clothing and accessories in which design goes hand in hand with made-in-Italy craftsmanship. His men’s/women’s clothing and accessories combine comfort and elegance.
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IMPERMEABILIS Fall-Winter 2020-21 Current circumstances have unfortunately led human beings to distance themselves from fellow humans and from various things that could make them happy. Like a body that does not let water or any other liquid pass through, humans defend themselves from the surrounding world. This was the starting idea behind the creation of the JAJO Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection Overcoats, jackets and accessories made of waterproof fabrics, but made warm by pure merino wool which, in some cases, completely lines the garments. The bags continue to be multi-purpose and, with minor adjustments, they can be adapted to the needs of anyone. The colours are black, smoky grey, burgundy, purple, and beige, which softens the most intense colours.
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Doublebag - Db-Di21

Klingbag -Kl1-I21

Sciarpa ad anello bordeaux - colb-i21

Cappuccio nero/bordeaux - capbn-i21

Sciarpa ad anello con cappuccio bordeaux - capbo-di21