Rosario Migliaccio
  • Innovation
  • Made in sud
  • Rome
A love of taste and an aesthetic sense deriving from childhood memories were the main reasons that led Rosario Migliaccio to embark on a journey into the world of fashion — a difficult and tortuous journey, but one full of surprises and unique experiences. After numerous collaborations with various companies, he decided to embark on an individual journey, making the most of his experiences, memories and notes. This is how he decided to found JAJO madeinitaly, a brand which makes clothing and accessories in which design goes hand in hand with made-in-Italy craftsmanship. His men’s/women’s clothing and accessories combine comfort and elegance.


Water as a source of life, as a means for a new beginning. JAJO’s collection is based on this concept. An urban style composed of garments and accessories whose transparency and possibility of transformation reconnect us to the water element.
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