Italo Marseglia
Italo Marseglia
  • Sustainability
  • Made in sud
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
The Italo Marseglia brand was founded in 2016. Its creations immediately met with great success and, thanks to its participation in prestigious trade fairs, it was soon distributed in foreign markets, particularly in Asia and America. The brand has embraced the sustainable fashion philosophy, giving new life to recycled elements obtained from precious raw materials with a creative, sustainable and ethical approach. In line with the brand’s mission, Italo Marseglia has started a collaboration in the field of upcycling with the long-standing French maison Sophie-Hallette. This has led the designer to experiment tirelessly to reinvent valuable scrap materials.
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For the Fall/Winter 2021/2022 season, Italo Marseglia reflects on the new needs and modalities imposed upon us by the current scenario. Far from the global network set up to build his upcycling collections, he focuses on the individual contribution he can make with his idea of fashion. While the support of craftsmanship and artisanal know-how remains the focus of his production, his vision has led to the idea of a “common thread” for the creation of new looks. These are entirely hand made and involve the widest possible network – of friends and followers- to recover feedstock. Recycled yarns, used with the crochet technique, are the starting point of this collection that continues his work of creative upcycling.
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Eucrante (art.Ai23)

Nesea (art.Ai19) Colore Bianco

Nesea (art.Ai19) colore nero

Egeria (art. Ai18) col. NERO

Nausica (Art. Ai16bis)