Marco Bortoli
  • Clothes
  • Innovation
  • Rome
  • Startup
  • Sustainability
Homie, i.e. “Homeboy”, a trusted friend who reminds you of your home. It is from here – home – that the idea of the young Italian brand HOMIE originated, thanks to the creative and innovative spirit of Marco Bortoli. In 2019, he created a women’s prêt-à-porter line based on a strong passion for fashion and the historical Italian sartorial tradition. Always keeping an eye on the latest trends, while keeping his own identity alive, the designer relies on minimal lines and an unfailing attention to detail, aiming to offer a product that is refined in a variety of ways. In addition to a sophisticated aesthetic vision, what differentiates the brand is the careful choice of fabrics and details. HOMIE has thus become a point of reference for women, allowing them to better communicate their personality and emotions. A fusion between the past and the urban world, capable of reinterpreting timeless techniques and styles, through influences from the world of art, design and international culture.


This story is hundred per cent Italian, with an international vocation. It is a story of passion and emotion that Made in Italy fashion and design are capable of arousing, making the experience of looking at a garment, touching it and wearing it unique. A vibrant ode to women, “strong women, with an extremely independent attitude”.
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