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Habanero is a brand of custom leather goods: each bag is produced exclusively for the customer who requests it. Through its creations, the brand exalts the best of Italian craftsmanship. The brand comes from a long and ancient family history. Its name makes reference to the typical spicy and colourful chilli pepper, which is well-known for its explosive notes — just like the passion of the founders for their work. The production — which uses leathers derived from the food industry for ethical reuse — revolves around functional Italian handcrafted bags and accessories with a strong character.


Our BUTTERFLY, ICONIC, BOUDER and B.A.F.T. lines are adorned with new leathers and details for the SS 22 collection. They are enriched with a velvety and precious NUBUCK leather in bright colours, with a timeless classic style, and with a leather that does not go unnoticed, a laminated calfskin with geometric patterns and suede veins, which gives it a 3-D aspect in the reflections and shadows. Two leathers with opposite impressions, but which give all our bags countless shades of character, just like the kaleidoscope of our customers. We pay extra attention to sustainable products. In fact, all our leathers come from the food industry and they are rigorously processed in tanneries based in Italy that comply with high environmental production standards. A simple, clean line, but at the same time colourful and full of life… spicy, like the name of our project: HABANERO.
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