Gretel Zanotti
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Thanks to her artistic background, Gretel Zanotti approached the world of fashion at an early age. When she was only 20 years old, she launched her own creative project, which reflects her vision of art. Painting and photography, sculpture and architecture: these are the most influential sources of inspiration that constitute the dominant leitmotifs of her collections. Refined creations and haute couture are the basis of the brand’s philosophy, which reflects a precise idea of femininity and sensuality. The woman who wears Gretel Z. is classy, knows how to seduce without exposing herself, is real, practical, always on the move and extremely attentive to detail.


Traveling has always been a source of artistic inspiration: new stimulating experiences, new environments to discover, new things to try… gaining a new perspective on our ideas and thoughts, learning to change old patterns. The suggestions we get from our journeys are hardly forgotten, and we bring them all back home with us . Gretel Zanotti’s inspiration for her 2022 Spring /Summer collection was drawn from such traveling experience. The young designer decided to pay tribute to the beauty and energy of Japanese nature that she came to know during her journey… a major life experience, through which she discovered a new side of herself. Visiting such a mythical and shining place at the origin of Eastern civilization had a profound spiritual impact on her. Her imagination found the road into her ideal world, made up of boudoirs, cherry blossom trees and endless bamboo forests. This path could not fail to sparkle a creative process leading to the birth of a collection with soft, gentle, delicate colors. As for every garment belonging to a collection signed by GRETEL Z., once again the choice of colors is not accidental. They reflect the feeling of calm and peace enjoyed by the designer immersing herself in the Japanese context, nourished by the unique , strong energy emanated by that environment, so powerfully that it almost stops time and space and cancels out everything else. Remaining faithful to the handwork of the finest fabrics, typical of Made in Italy par excellence, the precious Swarovski crystals and the graceful feathers, GRETEL Z. gives life to clothes suitable to dress a woman in in the widest sense of the word: soft and fluid dresses, or garments suitable to be worn in more formal situations but also in moments of total immersion in the energetic nature that inspired them. In addition, through a brilliant combination of Japanese and European aesthetics, the maison offers its public a spectacular cultural fusion, presented in the form of two Haute Couture dresses designed to tell the story of two future brides whose experiences are different and similar at the same time.
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