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After graduating in Law from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and after travelling and working for the International Relations Department of an Italian Customs Agency for more than 10 years, Giulia Barela founded Giulia Barela Jewelry in 2012. The brand quickly positioned itself in high-end fashion jewellery and strengthened its presence in the finest concept stores. Giulia Barela’s jewels are wearable sculptures, handmade in Italy using the lost wax casting technique, in 24K gold- and silver-plated bronze. Each piece stems from the designer’s need to convey a strong, compelling emotion, which is enriched by the meaning that the wearer attaches to it.
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Capogrossi is the name of the new 2021 collection by Giulia Barela Jewelry: a creative project that transforms her jewels into a wearable alphabet made of symbols, little artworks that you can wear daily. Their shape is a union of signs made with simple lines, primordial figures that make up chains, a metaphor for a universal link, a connection between people and also between our inner world and the outside. In creating these simple, universal and iconic elements, Giulia Barela unconsciously approaches the imagery of the artist Giuseppe Capogrossi, an echo that testifies an inherited cultural background and a sensitivity towards beauty and art that has always distinguished her creations. The geometric shapes are reminiscent of the alphabet, musical compositions, figures that seem to blend, dance, hug, but also the playful symbols of children’s drawings. The attention to the other and the cohesion between individuals is an important part of the designer’s personal path, as well as one of the main values ​​that animate the world of the brand Giulia Barela Jewelry.
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